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Tips for Searching Caps on Film

If you are searching for pictures of a particular current or former Caps player, try using their nicknames or first names as a search term.  It's rare that I spell out the entire name of a player in a picture caption, so here is a list of the names that players might be listed under:

Berube:  Chief

Dahlen:  Ulf, Ulfie

Kolzig:  Olie

Oates:  Oatsie, Adam

Billington:  Biller

Gonchar:  Gonch, Sergei

Konowalchuk:  Kono

Sacco:  Joe

Black:  Blackie

Halpern:  Jeffrey, Jeff, our rookie

Metropolit:  Metro

Simon:  Chris, Si

Bondra:  Bonzai, Peter

Johansson:  Calle

Mironov:  Tree

Witt:  Witter, Brendan

Bulis:  Booboo

Khristich:  Dima

Murphy:  Jojo, Jo Jo

Zednik:  Zed, Richard

Cote:  Coco

Klee:  Kenny

Nikolishin:  Niko

If you are searching for pictures of players on other NHL teams, you are probably best served by looking through the thumbnails on the page (s) that pertain to the game that the Caps played against that particular team.  If the player has been traded, you can still try searching under the last name of the player, as I tend not to use nicknames for non-Caps (except for very commonly used ones like Cujo).