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Caps, NHL, and other Hockey Links

Places I like to visit to keep up with the Caps and hockey in general.


The official Caps website--much better than the old one

Capital Offense--Amber does a great job with this site; check for game summaries after each game

The Washington Post's Caps section--some don't like LaCanfora, but I think he's ok; you can also read Wilbon, Boswell, and Kornheiser's take on the Caps if you so desire

The Washington Times' Sports Section--they don't have a Caps section as far as I can tell; though I don't like this right-wing rag, they do have a good pair of Caps writers

  CapsRoadCrew--on the road with the Caps!!

ESPN Caps message board--great, knowledgeable fans and not too many trolls

The Phone Booth CapsTalk Forum--more great fans sharin' the knowledge

The Sporting News Caps news--good readin', uh-huh

Hockey's Future Capitals section--great place to keep up with the prospects

Let's Go Caps!--Becky doesn't update anymore, but she's got great archives

Broadcast.com Capitals--for those times when HTS is showing those birdie things or the world's worst basketball team; please keep in mind that you can listen to the OTHER team's broadcast if Kolbe gives you a headache

Peter Bondra.net--wonderfully comprehensive site about our sniper; tons of great information and pictures

Zilla's World--a site dedicated to our Vezina winner--I love the picture of the author and Olie and little Zilla!

Always Intense--Caps and NHL news, pictures, and signs to bring to games

Inside-Out--a humorous take on Caps' practices at Piney Orchard

StephenPeat.com--devoted to the Caps' newest enforcer--PEAT PEAT PEAT!!!

New! Qui Est Maxime Ouellet?--site dedicated to promising young netminder Maxime Ouellet

New! Washington Hockey--original articles, message boards and more, written by fans, for fans!

New! Caps' Corner--more original writing on the Caps, and the NHL in general!

NHL and other hockey

The Internet Hockey Database--One of the best sites known to man--you can find all the stats for almost every hockey player ever, plus information about teams and leagues--I use this all the time while researching my gameworns--give it a try!

Search hockeydb.com

Player Name:

Professional Hockey Newspaper and Media Source--the mother of all link sites; here you'll find links to every freakin' news source for every freakin' team in the world!  Well, maybe not in the world, but NHL, minor pro, international, AND North American junior hockey.  It'll keep you busy for a few hours, that's for sure!

ESPN.com--decent articles, power rankings, and they actually talk about the Caps if they're doing well (jinxing them in the process I am convinced!); if the Caps are on ESPN (stop laughing), they have little avi video clips the day after the game--go and save them before they disappear!)

CBS Sportsline--Game Center is pretty neat when you're forced to listen to the game on the radio; you can always find game pictures here (from AP and Reuters) the day after a Caps game (look under Teams)

NHLPA--for those interested in the players themselves; lots of great features, updated daily; plus, they tell you how much each player is making if you're nosy like I am

Slam!--great, gossipy articles from Canadian newspapers, so primary focus is on Canadian teams; best place to keep up with junior hockey

The Sporting News--Wigge

CBC Sports Online--where to see Coach's Corner for the dish-deprived among us

FoxSports--one of the few major sites to actually have some AHL, IHL, ECHL, and college hockey coverage

In the Crease--coverage of all the damn leagues; I dig the Fight Card section for the tales of crazy minor league brawls, and the occasional Caps fight

Yahoo! Sports--mostly the same articles as the other major sites, but some original content; also photo galleries that are a bit easier to navigate than CBS Sportsline (but don't seem to be as comprehensive)

Junior/Minor Hockey

WHL official site--box scores, game summaries of all the WHL games; useful for keeping up with many of the Caps' prospects

WHL Underground--the "unofficial" site of the WHL--lots of great info from team site rankings to fighter rankings--they've got it all!

Hockey's Future--the best site for researching prospects of all NHL teams

Professional Hockey Players' Association--the minor-league counterpart to the NHLPA

 The Fighting Major--"dedicated to the pugilistic side of the WHL and OHL"--'nuff said!

Portland Pirates official site--game summaries and other nifty stuff

Portland Pirates at Mainetoday.com--local coverage of the Caps' top farm team from the Portland Press Herald

Richmond Renegades/Richmond Times Dispatch--local coverage of the Caps' ECHL affiliate

International Hockey

International Ice Hockey Federation--the organization that runs the World Cup each year

IceHockey World Championships Official Site--lots of articles about the players in the most recent World Cup

USA Hockey--U.S. Olympic and junior hockey, women's and men's