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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What kind of camera do you use?

The oldest pictures on this site (99-00 practice, alumni game, and 99-00 Skills Competition) were taken with a Minolta APS--hence, they're not too good ;-)  In April 2000, I started using a Sony Mavica FD-88 digital camera with a 10x optical/16x digital zoom.  All pictures from April 2000-December 1, 2000 were taken with this camera.  In early December, 2000, I started using a Sony Mavica CD1000 digital camera with a 10x optical/ 20x digital zoom.  The big benefit of this camera is that its storage medium is a mini-CD rather than the floppy disks that the FD-88 used.  The floppies could hold around 30 images per disk; the CD holds about 1000!  The CD1000 also has a steady shot feature that helps me take fewer blurry pictures (a big problem at MCI when the seats are always moving). 

2.  Do you edit your pictures?

You bet!  Rare is the picture that comes out looking great right off the bat.  I use PaintShopPro 7.0 to crop, brighten, adjust color balance, resize and sharpen nearly every picture you see here.  Though it takes some getting used to, this image editing program is really great.  It's not nearly as expensive as Adobe PhotoShop, and has all the features that an amateur digital photographer could ever want.  You can download an evaluation version of the new 7.0 version from Jasc Software

3.  Can I get a copy of a particular picture I found on your site?

Because I use a digital camera, there are no paper copies of any of the pictures on this site.  I have printed copies of a few images on photo paper using a bubble jet printer.   This doesn't give you as good an image as traditional photo processing, but they still look pretty good.  You are welcome to print out whatever images you would like for personal use.  If you do not have access to a printer and/or photo paper, send me an e-mail and we'll work something out.

4.  Why do you have so many hockey jerseys?  Are you nuts?

Well, you could say I'm nuts, that might be a fair statement!  Before I started collecting gameworns, I didn't understand why anyone would want some guy's used, dirty jersey.  Blech!  But as I read more about the hobby, and the neat stuff that was out there to be had, often for less than the price of a customized authentic replica, I fell prey to the evil that is gameworn collecting.  Just like potato chips, you can't have just one!  It's neat to hold in your hands a jersey that has been worn in the NHL, CHL, AHL, IHL, etc.; I find myself wondering, "If this jersey could talk, what stories would it tell?"  All of the stick marks, puck marks, tears, etc. tell me that the guy who wore it, future star or career minor-leaguer, played hard, was down in the corners doing the dirty work, battling for the puck, and that's something I respect.  I love hockey, and owning these small "parts of the game" is something that I enjoy, and brings me a little closer to this great sport.  Nuts?  Probably.  But having fun with it?  Definitely!