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Canadian Caps Fan's Photography

This section is devoted to some of the best Caps pictures I have ever seen.  The photographer lives in Canada, but is a devoted Caps fan (particularly devoted to Kono!), and often drives down for practices and games.  She and her friend also drive to road games to see the Caps.  Fortunately for us, she takes beautiful pictures when she goes to those games and practices--these are so great, they deserve to be on the web somewhere, but Canadian Caps fan is not much into the whole internet thing.  So, Caps on Film is very pleased to present you with the official web site of Canadian Caps fan!  Thank you SO much to the photographer for agreeing to share her pictures with us.  Please note that these are copyrighted by the photographer--if you would like to use these pictures on your site, please contact Caps on Film for permission.  Enjoy!

The photographer and her favorite Cap--Kono!